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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a great advance in aesthetic medicine with great advantages and numerous uses, both for its excellent biostimulant and repairing properties, as well as for its safety as it is an autologous product of the patient's own blood. It is a medical-aesthetic treatment that helps combat premature aging of the face, neck, neckline and hands, softens scars, dark circles, stretch marks, revitalizes the capillary area, among others.

PRP contains various growth factors, nutrients and vitamins to stimulate the regeneration of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. It has been used for many years in other medical-surgical specialties such as traumatology, maxillofacial surgery, and plastic surgery, but now it is also increasingly used in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. One of the greatest advantages of platelet-rich plasma is that it is 100% biocompatible and without risk of rejection or allergy. In addition, platelet growth factors are substances that activate cell metabolism and tissue regeneration, increase the proliferation of cells and fibers, including collagen and elastin, essential elements that give consistency and firmness to the skin.

what is platelet rich plasma
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PRP is obtained by extracting a blood sample from the patient. Then, using selective centrifugation techniques, the PRP is separated from the blood and platelet activation techniques are applied. These activated platelets release growth factors, which are the key elements of treatment.
Once the enriched PRP is obtained, it is introduced into the skin by means of intradermal injections in the target region of the treatment, under the application of local or topical anesthesia.
This treatment can be applied preventively for younger skin, and regeneratively for older skin, as it has a long list of benefits:

  • Improves the quality of the dermis.
  • Helps to close pores.
  • A more luminous and hydrated skin is achieved.
  • Reduces flaccidity and restores smoothness.
  • Wrinkles are attenuated.
  • Microcirculation is activated.

It is a minimally invasive procedure, which is performed on an outpatient basis with discharge the same day of the intervention.


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