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What is the Mesolift?

It is one of the most effective treatments for revitalizing the skin and delaying the aging of the skin on the face, neck, arms, and hands. It acts directly inside the skin providing luminosity, hydration. In this treatment, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are injected directly into the different layers of the skin to rejuvenate it. Thus, the production of collagen and elastin is promoted, as well as its metabolism is stimulated. It can be used to tighten the flaccid skin on the face, but also on the legs, abdomen, arms and hands.
The most treated regions are:
  • Periorbicular region (dark circles, crow's feet)
  • Labial region
  • Frontal region
  • Neck and neckline
  • Dorsal region of the hand.
The mesolift is, in this way, a treatment with anti-aging effects that helps the dermis to recover its initial appearance, tone the skin tissue, repair imperfections, increase elasticity and correct wrinkles. This treatment can also be used in combination with different anti-aging therapeutic protocols such as Botox, peels, laser treatment, etc.

How the treatment is applied?

This treatment is performed in a minimally invasive way through microinjections of various medications (vitamins, amino acids, hyaluronic acid) in the different layers of the skin. Sometimes, local anesthesia is applied to minimize the discomfort caused by the injections. The result is noticeable in the recovery of the tone, elasticity, hydration and luminosity of the skin. A rejuvenated and less tired face is achieved.

The substances mostly used in this procedure are the following:

  • Vitamin Ahas a protective action against collagen degradation, it has a stimulating effect on the fibroblast. It makes the skin more flexible, regulates the growth of epidermal cells, promotes healing.
  • Vitamin C Eantioxidants and anti-free radicals.
  • Vitamin Kregulates microcirculation and coagulation.
  • Vitamin Chas a powerful antioxidant action, reducing the formation of free radicals formed after sun exposure. Increases the density and thickness of elastin and collagen levels.
  • Hyaluronic acidis also used as a volumizer of soft tissues, to combat flaccidity and to increase the water capacity of the skin.
  • Amino acidsfavor the manufacture of proteins (elastin, collagen, etc.)
  • Organic siliconis a structural part of collagen and proteoglycans. It stimulates fibroblast mitosis, acts as a cell regenerator.
  • Magnesium and seleniumhave an anti-radical function and zinc is an antioxidant.
  • The mineralsattenuate skin deficiencies and the antioxidants reduce the synthesis of free radicals. Minerals and coenzymes regulate numerous cellular functions and chemical reactions.

The result is noticeable in the recovery of the tone, elasticity, hydration and luminosity of the skin, and a rejuvenated and less tired face is achieved. This treatment can be applied at any time of the year, and is indicated for all skin types. Also, it can be applied to young people on a preventive basis.

The number of sessions and their frequency will depend on the type, degree of aging, as well as the clinical conditions of each patient.


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